Zojirushi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill Review

Zojirushi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill Review

Barbecuing meats and veggies is a huge hit for dinner and cookouts, but grilling is not always convenient. It usually needs to be done outdoors because of the smoke and flames. So what do you do if you live in an apartment that prohibits barbecue grilling?

The short answer: electric grills.

Unlike the traditional charcoal grill, an electric grill uses electricity as the fuel or heat source to cook your food. It is made with nichrome where the current passes through to become hot enough to cook the food.

Electric grills are enclosed in a huge metal heating plate in which the surface is designed as the traditional grill. It heats up slowly and cooks the food slowly, but evenly.

What to look for in an electric grill

Adequate weighing of the pros and cons is called for when considering a specific electric grill. As a major plus, an electric grill cooks food evenly; it is very portable and can be placed in small spaces indoors.

It should be large enough for the quantity of food you usually grill, and it should contain safety features that prevent accidents.

Are you looking for an electric grill? This Zojiruchi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill is a good choice. Let’s look at its features, pros, and cons that needs to be taken into consideration.


  • The Zojiruchi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill is intended for grilling many varieties of food including vegetables, meat, fish, and burgers
  • It is very convenient because it can grill the foods indoors on top of the table or countertop
  • For your guide, the Zojiruchi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill’s surface measures 12.5” x 9.4” which is just right for grilling an average amount of food. It weighs only 1 lb. so it is easy to transport and can fit in small spaces indoors
  • The surface of the Zojiruchi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill is non-stick. It is easy to clean and it comes with convenient drip tray to prevent a mess. The drip tray is dishwasher safe so it is also easy to clean
  • The Zojiruchi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill has adjustable heat, plus a cool-touch handle and housing to prevent burns
  • The heat ranges from 176° F to 410° F. It only heats when the grill is properly installed. Thus, it is safe to use and does not cause fire or power shortage
  • The Zojiruchi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill is made by Zojiruchi, one of the leadings brands in cooking appliances, food and beverage amenities, and more. Its objective is to improve the quality of life towards the modern era and beyond

More product details and the latest price can be found here.

The Zojiruchi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill is just like any other product, in that it has its pros and cons which you must weigh if you consider buying it. Listed below are the pros and cons of Zojiruchi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill.


  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Cooks food evenly
  • Safe
  • Stay-cool handles
  • Drip tray included
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Large non-stick surface
  • With instruction manual
  • Long cord


  • Very light base
  • Takes time to get hot
  • Not enough wattage


Electric grills are the best alternatives to charcoal, gas, and other outdoor grills. They can be conveniently used indoors because they are powered by electricity; thus, they do not cook with a flame or emit smoke. The technical features are safe and help prevent fire and accidents.

Usually, the handle and frame are stay-cool materials so they prevent burns while using it. An electric grill is especially recommended for people who live in apartments or condos, where barbecuing is usually prohibited.

The Zojiruchi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill passes the manufacturing standards to guarantee quality and safety. It is very convenient to use; it is easy to start the heat and easy to clean because of its non-stick surface. However, some users say that it takes some time to heat up.

Generally, electric grills cook food slowly so, do not expect that it will grill the food as fast as a charcoal grill. But the major advantage of an electric grills is that it coos your food evenly.

This electric grill comes with a metal drip tray to catch food juices and prevent any mess on the surface. You can also adjust the temperature so you can grill according to the kind of food item—steak, chicken, vegetables, or pre-cooked food.

The Zojiruchi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill is a very good electric grill that has satisfied many purchasers. You can check out more product details and the latest price here.

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