Weber 55020001 Q2400 Electric Grill Review

Weber 55020001 Q2400 Electric Grill Review

With the Weber 55020001 Q2400 Electric Grill, you no longer have to experience the hassle of grilling over gas or charcoal. This is especially convenient if you are living in an apartment with a smaller balcony or patio. The product has the grilling power of 1560 watts, good enough for a barbecue, steak, and other food that needs to be grilled.

The surface area is 280 square inches and can handle four big cuts of steaks or 10 burgers all at the same time. It is perfect for a small get-together or a quick dinner date with your special someone.

The grill heats quickly, and you can cook at 300 degrees and above. This way, your meat will taste better than meat cooked over a regular electric grill. There are sure grill marks that show your food is nicely and properly grilled. You can even add a smoky flavor by throwing some woodchips onto the grilling grates.

Speaking of grilling grates, these parts are made of porcelain-enameled cast-iron and are rust-resistant. To extend the durability of the product, the lid and body are cast aluminum.

Other features that are worth mentioning are the control burner valve settings and the removable catch pan. The Weber 55020001 Q2400 Electric Grill comes out of the box fully assembled, so you can test it right away. Another feature that makes this the best electric grill on the market is the manufacturer’s great warranty policy.


  • A small yet high-performing electric grill with 1560 watts of grilling power, great for small apartments and patios
  • A 280-square inch surface area that can handle 10 burgers at once
  • The grill heats above 300 degrees Fahrenheit and can cook more flavorful food
  • Adding smoker wood chips onto the grilling grates is possible
  • Grilling grates are made of durable and rust-resistant porcelain-enameled cast iron
  • Lid and body are cast aluminum
  • Includes two aluminum heat retention liners to provide even cooking temperature
  • Features a removable catch pan for meat juices
  • Includes an infinite control burner valve and large grip handle
  • Features ergonomic side handles and sturdy cradles on the front and rear
  • Includes a six-foot grounded cord
  • Backed up by five years of warranty on the cook box, lid assembly, stainless steel burner tubes, and cast iron and two years on the remaining parts
  • Comes out of the box fully assembled

You can check out more product details and the latest price here.


The Weber 55020001 Q2400 Electric Grill does not lack a feature to prove that it is the best electric grill on the market today. It has improved a lot from the old version released in 2014.

The quality of construction, grilling performance, and overall functionality all demonstrate why this product indeed deserves its 4.6/5-star satisfaction rating on Amazon.

The manufacturer has put a serious effort in engineering this compact electric grill with so many features. The construction and materials used are durable and rust-resistant, something that you would expect from a $300 electric grill. Aside from this, it is easy to use. Just open the box and plug in the cord and you can start the grilling party.

If you are going to look at the size of the cooking surface, you might say that it is too small. However, since the heating technology of the product is excellent, rest assured that you can cook your burgers, chicken, vegetables, and steaks quickly and evenly. This is made possible because of the aluminum heat retention liners that prevent the heat from escaping when the lid is closed.

The infinite control burner valve settings allow you to cook at more than 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This way, your meat will taste and smell better. You may even add wood chips if you are missing the authentic aroma of grilled meat. Safely transfer your grill from your kitchen to the patio with the ergonomic side handles.


This product has a long list of advantages. However, it is not perfect. There are still flaws that manufacturers need to improve. One of them is the time you have to wait for the grill to heat up. According to reviewers, it takes about 20 minutes to preheat, which can mean a high electricity cost.

Aside from this, an obvious reason why you would think twice about buying this is the price. Though many would say that it is worth it, $300 is a price not everyone living in a small apartment can afford. Lastly, the grill can’t still measure up to the quality of taste charcoal and gas grilling provides.


Considering all the advantages and amazing features of Weber 55020001 Q2400 Electric Grill, you can say that it is one of the best electric grills today. The price is high, but the quality and convenience it provides are superior to the other competing brands. It is indeed great for outdoors, especially those on a budget. More product details and the latest price can be found here.

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