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Top 5 Best Smokeless Indoor Grill Reviews for 2020

Smokeless grills are a great choice for indoor cooking and are becoming more popular each and every year. The best smokeless indoor grills will completely eliminate the risk of triggering smoke alarms, especially if you are on a secured area like an apartment balcony or in a condo.

Additionally, the best smokeless electric indoor grill will also cut out your chance for smoke inhalation. 

In this article, we shall be looking into smokeless indoor grill reviews to aid you in selecting one that fits your needs.

This type of grill helps reduce the fat by allowing the grease and produced by the meats to drip. Most smokeless grills have a drip tray or pan that will catch the extra grease to be thrown away after you finish cooking.

Top 5 Best Smokeless Indoor Grills In 2020

Here are some of the best smokeless indoor grills available in the market. We recommend that you check out their features and identify which ones best meet your requirements.

We also identified the pros and cons of each grill to help you judge the quality. Nevertheless, reading smokeless indoor grill reviews will give you additional insight into the products themselves and help you make the right choice.

#1. Indoor Smokeless Grill from Philips

Philips Smoke-less Indoor Grill HD6371/94

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Smokeless grills from Philipps are made from advanced infrared technology which heats the grill to aid in cooking your food evenly. It provides a smoky and delicious taste similar with outdoor grills. This equipment has multiple temperature settings that gives you control on the heat it generates. It can go as high as 446 deg Fahrenheit

In the bottom of the grill, you can find the drip tray. It catches the grease that falls from the food or meats you are cooking. Moreover, this drip tray stays cool in order to prevent the smoke or steam from releasing. Nevertheless, you can still find very minimal smoke which is not bothering even if you are cooking indoors.

In terms of clean up, the grates can easily be wiped down and is dishwasher safe. The cleaning process will not take longer than one minute.


  • Infrared technology – This product utilizes an advanced technology using infrared as well as special reflectors to heath the grill grates. The cooking area allows the food to evenly grill all the time.
  • Drip tray – Located in the bottom of the equipment, the drip tray prevents the equipment to heat up. This will minimize the amount of smoke that may escape through the griller.
  • Non-slip feet – To ensure great cooking experience, this grill from Philips is equipped with non-slip feet. This allows your grill to always stay in place.
  • Non-stick grid ALU – The ALU grid helps provide authentic grill marks similar with what your favorite outdoor barbecue grill makes. Moreover, it is made from a non-stick material which prevents the food from sticking during the cooking process. You can easily flip and remove the food from the frill.
  • Recipe book – This product comes with a free book containing a number of recipes. This shall inspire you from cooking amazing food all year round for your family.


  • Heats up quickly which is ideal for fast cooking
  • Easy to clean as it utilizes a drip tray that catches the juices and spills coming from the food you are cooking
  • Cooks food such as vegetable and meats evenly and provides great flavor
  • Has grills that are dishwasher safe
  • Provides constant temperature to achieve excellent browning


  • Hard to see the food during the cooking process due to the infrared lights
  • Limited smoke leaks often times

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#2. Electric Indoor Smokeless Grill from Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach (25361) Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill & Searing Grill with Removeable Plates and Viewing Window

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This electric grill from Hamilton Beach is recommended for indoor use. You can easily sear your meats with less fuss and easier set up. You can barbecue many meats and vegetables indoors as this equipment is smokeless.

You can get juicy and moist steaks by using this equipment in a high temperature, preferable for searing. Nevertheless, you can also use it on delicate meats like fish that needs precise temperature. It gathered good feedback from smokeless electric indoor grill reviews.

This model, particularly, has a window where you can monitor and watch your food as it cooks. You can also control the temperature and utilized the light indicator to determine if it has heated up already.


  • Drip tray — Cleaning is as easy as removing and throwing away the spills in the drip tray. This component is dishwasher safe which saves you time for other more pertinent activities.
  • Window — The window allows you to see and monitor how your food cooks. This will aid you in gauging the perfect cook for your food.
  • High temperature for searing — This griller locks the flavor and juices of your meat through its high temperature. This is preferable if you are searing meats which is filled with flavorful juices.
  • Adjustable temperature — Using the control that comes with it, you can easily preheat the equipment. You can also maintain your desired temperature for an even cook.
  • Removable lid — If you are worrying that this equipment is not easy to clean due to its construction, do not worry. The lid is removable which makes it easier to wipe and wash.


  • Preheating takes us at least 10 minutes
  • Easy to clean and requires minimal scrubbing
  • Has the ability to catch spills and oil using the drip tray
  • Can feed multiple servings in one cook
  • Equipped with a sturdy construction


  • Needs preheating first before the actual cooking process
  • Cord runs short which may require you an extension cord

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#3. Smokeless Indoor Electric Barbecue Grill from Zojirushi

Zojirushi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill

Despite Zojirushi not being a popular brand, they are one of the manufacturers that produce excellent grills. This electric grill provides a number of features.

This product is ideal to use when cooking different meats such as steaks, chicken, burgers, etc. You can also easily cook vegetables with regulated heat. It is truly perfect to use indoors as it does not produce the intense smoke of a traditional grill that may disrupt your area.

With its one-year warranty, you are ensured with 100% satisfaction. It is a reliable equipment which provides you zero hassle during your cooking experience. It provides high returns in the long run as it may last a long period of time when maintained and used properly.


  • Knob for temperature control – There is a knob found in the electric grill’s side which aids in controlling the temperature. You must be able to identify the correct temperature that can cook your food evenly.
  • Easy Cleaning – The grill disassembles for easy cleaning and has a dishwasher-safe drip tray.
  • Spacious nonstick grilling area – The grill has a 12.5” x 9.25” cooking area. This large space allows you to cook multiple ingredients all at the same time. This is very useful if you are cooking for a large group indoors.
  • Lean Grilling Design – This grill is designed so the excess fats and grease are directed away from the food for a healthier dining experience.


  • Hundreds of 5-Star reviews
  • Easy to control and adjust temperature
  • “Cool-Touch” handles and base which makes it safe to hold even during the cooking process
  • Less fuss in cleaning as you can just put the tray on the dishwasher
  • Designed with safety in mind


  • Has a limited temperature range (176°F to 410°F) which may not be enough to give the sear on certain meats
  • Drip tray tends to cause a mess as it does not stay in place

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For a more in-depth review on the Zojirushi, click here!

#4. Portable Electric Charcoal BBQ Grill from Gourmia

Gourmia GBQ330 Portable Charcoal Electric BBQ Grill — Great for Camping — 90% Smoke Reduction Barbecue — Turbo Fan — Removable Electronics — Green — Bonus Travel Briefcase (Black)

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This indoor grill from Gourmia has been one of the best sellers in the market nowadays. It features a double pan for grilling which makes it easier to clean as it’s drip-free. Furthermore, it is one of the cheap smokeless indoor grills in available.

This product is ideal both for indoor and outdoor grilling. It is lightweight and portable, making it great to bring along on your trips. It is equipped with a bag for portability on travel.

This travel-friendly and one of the best smokeless grills comes with a charcoal box and other accessories such as grilling surface and lifting tongs. Moreover, it has a dial for easy temperature regulation with precision. It also gained good smokeless indoor bbq grill reviews.

You are assured of savory and smoky goodness from freshly grilled food from this electric grill. You can get the same taste with that of a regular charcoal barbecue. This incredible grill can provide a fiery finish but eliminating the smoke that is preferable indoors.


  • Removable attachments and accessories — The attachments such as turbo fan, charcoal box, ignition plate, grill grate and drip box are removable. This makes it easier to clean, allowing you to save time for other activities.
  • Smokeless grilling — This grill provides a double pan system for grilling which results to less smoke. This is perfect for indoor grilling as the smoke will not clog up your area.
  • Turbo fan — The fan is battery operated and is controlled with a simple dial. With this, you can easily regulate the temperature for a consistent and even cook on your meat.
  • Travel case — The grill generally weighs less than eight pounds. It is easy to bring along on trips and travels using the easy-carry case. It is highly portable, perfect for picnics, tailgating and camping.


  • Provides the same smoky and charcoal grilled with that of regular charcoal smokers
  • Portable and lightweight which makes it great for trips
  • Needs less maintenance as it is easy to clean
  • Inexpensive compared with other best smokeless bbq grills in the market
  • Easy to set up and assemble, making it ideal for quick cooking


  • Fan tends to melt off during heavy use
  • Takes a long time to heat

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#5. Smokeless Premium Grill from Smart Planet

Smart Planet SIG‐4 Napa Valley Gourmet Premium Smokeless Stainless Steel Grill, Silver

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This stainless steel smokeless grill is another unpopular choice for consumers. Nevertheless, it is one of the grillers that provides an excellent job when it comes to temperature control. It keeps the heat maintained in a single place ensuring that it retains its natural juices.

There are two cooking methods you can use with this grill – griddle and grill. The temperature knob aids in controlling the griller’s heat settings. You can adjust it on different heat options. You can go as high as 450 deg Fahrenheit at 1500 watts.

On the other hand, cleaning is an easy task. You can just separate the four components of the equipment. With this, you can clean the edges of the grill well. By keeping your grill clean, it gets rid of grease as well as food particles that may produce smoke.


  • Drip pan – The drip pan aids in keeping the juices and grease from the food from producing smoke. It also helps in making your cleaning activities faster.
  • Griddle and grill – You can cook multiple dishes simultaneously using both the griddle and grill of the equipment. With this, you can minimize the cooking time when preparing meals for a number of people.
  • Glass cover – The cover aids in preventing spills and splatters on the surface. Moreover, it helps preserve the flavor during the cooking process. The clear cover allows you to monitor and check the cook on your food.
  • High Temperature – You can get the perfect cook and sear on your meat with the high heat this equipment produces. It can go up to a temperature of 450 deg Fahrenheit.


  • Can disassemble parts for easier cleaning process
  • Has a glass cover which aids in preserving the flavor of the food you are cooking
  • Provides high temperature which retains the juices of the meat
  • Allows multiple dishes to be cooked simultaneously using the griddle and grill
  • Produces minimal spills and splatters
  • Preserves the flavor and provides a smoky taste to your food


  • Has a small cooking space
  • May encounter issues when not used properly

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What are indoor smokeless grills?

You may notice that some grills tend to come much smaller sizes than most. This is preferable if you are only cooking with a small amount of food or on a tight budget. Regardless, there are indoor grills that have a large enough cooking space to allow you to cook multiple food items at the same time.

Most of these small and indoor grills have a coated surface which makes it easy to clean. With this, you can easily remove food particles and grease. Since these are caught by the drip pan, they are prevented from burning. This eliminates the chance of producing smoke.

Many of the best smokeless electric indoor grills are include a lid. These aid in trapping humidity and heat inside the grill to help cook the food faster. Because of this, the food maintains its moisture which prevents the meat, chicken or vegetables from drying out. This will improve the taste and flavor of the food you are cooking.

There are also grills with drip pan or trays designed to catch grease and juices created by the food you are cooking. This allows you to prevent spills from messing your counter top. Moreover, it helps clean the area quickly as you can simply dump them out.

Another feature you may notice from smokeless indoor grill reviews that most of the models are powered by electricity. This is due to the fact that it prevents emission of carbon monoxide unlike gas and charcoal grills. The best smokeless electric indoor bbq grill does not produce an open flame. Without having to deal with the flames, these easily become the ideal apartment grill; preventing costly and problematic burns marks or smoke alarms from being set off.

Types of Indoor Grills

Similar with outdoor grills, the best smokeless indoor grill will come in a few different types. There are three main categories for indoor grills – the open top, the closed top and the stovetop. We’ll dive into more detail below.

Open Top

This type of grill is designed to be placed on top of your counter. It is device capable of generating high temperatures instead of using a stove. It somewhat functions like hot plates with griddle or grill design.

The main advantage of using this type of grill is that it generally provides a larger cooking surface. Usually it will have buttons or dials to allow for easy temperature control. With this, you can heat up your favorite foods to your desired temperature. Many of the best smokeless electric indoor grills are going to be this type.

Despite being some of the best, they commonly come without a lid. The drawback being that liquids, oils and grease tend to spill out from it. Thus, it is considered to be messier option when compared to the closed countertop style.

Closed Top

This indoor electric grill is also commonly placed onto the countertop. It, like the open tip grill, is also capable of generating high temperatures for grilling many different types of foods. The main difference between the open and closed top grills is the lid. The closed top electric grill comes with a lid that will seal in the heat and flavor. With it closed, you can prevent grease, oils and other liquids from splattering outside.

Moreover, the lid helps to speed the cooking time as food is heated on both sides at the same time. You can also cook different types of food such as vegetables, Paninis and sandwiches. You can look into smokeless electric indoor bbq grill reviews to know more about the advantages you can get from this type of grill.

The disadvantage of using this type of grill is that it seems to be less versatile than many of the open top grills. You will need to cook your food as thinly as possible to close the grill properly. Additionally, you usually get a smaller total cooking area.


This type of grill sets up on top of a kitchen stove eye. You can use the heat generated from your electric or gas-powered stove. Despite the alternative heating source, its shape resembles the grill or griddle design of an outdoor grill.

The main advantage of using this type of grill is that it grants you greater control and familiarity of the temperature you are cooking at. Using the knobs on your stove, you can easily set the heat on your desired temperature, as you have many times before.

The biggest drawback of this style of grill is that there is not much you can do to stop the juices and grease from splattering all over your stovetop. You need to manually clean both the stovetop, grill and possibly the nearby counter tops as well after use.

When selecting the best smokeless indoor grill, you will want to think through which type of grill is going to best fit your needs. Each type of grill will come with its own perks and drawbacks. We recommend you weigh your options well when selecting the grill type for you. Make sure to read several smokeless indoor grill reviews to help you.

Things to Consider when Purchasing an Indoor Smokeless Grill

When deciding to purchase the best smokeless indoor grill, you are going to want to look into products details centering around its features and benefits. You must remember that not all grills function the same.

With this, you must look for several features that can address your requirements. You can start by considering these things before you invest on one. Additionally, you can look into indoor smokeless grill reviews. There are a handful of articles out there, as well as this one. So be sure to absorb as much information as you can before making your purchasing decision.

Below, we’ve laid out some of the more features and details that most of the smokeless indoor grills will share.

Switch for on/off

You can check if your grill has a power switch. It is useful to get models that have a power switch instead of a direct-to-wall plug. The models that do not utilize a switch have a higher risk of fire.

Temperature Control

When it comes to cooking, it is important to note how high its temperature can go. A typical grill should be powerful to cook meat with power of up to 1500 watts. It should be able to sear or brown your meat. Cooking at a low temperature may lose the desired texture of meat.

Cooking space

Most indoor grills do not have a huge cooking space. Nevertheless, you must identify the size that is sufficient for the number of people you are cooking for. There are also some models that allow simultaneous cooking wherein you cook different meals at the same time.

Removable plates for grilling

Having removable plates can help in making it easier to clean. This is preferable if you are cooking meat at its raw form. With this, select a grill with removable grills so that you will not encounter issues during cleaning and maintenance.


One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing an indoor grill is its ability to provide good flavor to the food. It must give an almost similar taste with that of a regular outdoor grill. It should sear the meat well and create grill marks that help enhance the flavor.

Cleaning process

It is essential to find a smokeless grill that you can easily clean after using. There are a number of brands which include a non-stick surface which prevents hard to remove spills and stains from sticking to your grill.  Moreover, an easy to clean grill will help you save time which you can allocate onto other important activities.


All of these are just a handful of the things that you will need to consider when purchasing the best smokeless electric indoor grill. Reading smokeless indoor grill reviews will help you gain more insight about popular products in the market and which might be the best for you. You want to be able to find a smoker that fits all of your needs while still being easy enough to set up and clean. When you have all of these perks, you can fully enjoy your cooking experience.

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