Tayama TG-868 Electric Grill

Tayama TG-868 Electric Grill: An Easy and Convenient Way to Grill

Grilling is a well-known pastime that a lot of people indulge in during the sunny months. Almost every home owns either a charcoal grill or a full-sized gas grill. However, these traditional grills are often too big, costly, high-maintenance, and eats up a lot of space. For these reasons, more and more people are investing in electric grills.

Owning an electric grill has a lot of upsides. For one, it can be used indoors, which means you can enjoy a good barbecue even during the cold months. Most models are also just the right size that you can place it on your countertop or store in a cupboard when not in use.

But then again, electric grills are not the same as charcoal grills in that they are unable to give meats its distinct “charcoal” flavor. However, for how convenient and perfectly sized they are, as well as the fact that they do not cost as much as a charcoal grill does, makes them a good buy.

So, are you in the market for one? This might be your lucky day, then. In here, we are going to provide an in-depth review of the Tayama TG-868 Electric Grill. First, though, allow us to tell you a brief background of its manufacturer.

About Tayama

Tayama Appliance is a company that is based out of Southern California. They pride themselves in making sure that all of their products are of a high-quality while keeping the prices affordable for everyone. They specialize in the marketing and distribution of several of their products along with other products from other major brands too, all across the United States.

Along with the Tayama TG-888 Electric Grill, the company is well-known for their electric rice cookers, soy milk makers, convection ovens, and many other small kitchen appliances.

Tayama TG-868 Electric Grill Features

An electric grill allows you to grill all kinds of delicious and oil-free foods indoors. It does not emit too much smoke and is the perfect addition to any modern kitchen. If you are looking to buy one, check out this list of the most notable features of the Tayama TG-868 Electric Grill.

  • Grilling Surface

What takes the cake for this electric grill is the fact that it comes with an extremely large surface area. The grilling space on this machine measures at a whopping 15 by 10 inches. This extra-large cooking surface will allow you to cook multiple foods at the same time, which is perfect for a variety of meals.

Additionally, it features a separate heater and a grill plate as well. The surface’s ribbed design ensures that the heat coverage is evenly distributed all over, which will ultimately offer a perfectly cooked meal.

  • Heating

The grilling plate needs just about 15 minutes to fully pre-heat, which is ideal as, in the meantime, you can do all the prep work for your meal. There is a special channel design at the bottom side of the grill that is made of die-hard aluminum that protects and extends the life of the product.

In addition, there is an adjustable temperature control on the machine that allows you to adjust the temperature based on your requirements. This means that you can grill various food items that require different heat settings.

  • Power

There is a long electric cord that powers the grill. It runs on a 1120W motor, which is powerful enough to grill even tough meats. The machine has a rating of 120V~60Hz. In order to know that the machine is on and in use, there is a power indicator light on it too.

  • Safety

The company has put in quite a few safety features in this electric grill. Some of them include the cool-touch handles and a base that keeps the heat from damaging your countertop. It also boasts an auto shut-off feature that prevents the machine from overheating.

  • Convenience

The electric grill can be easily disassembled, and the drip tray is dishwasher-safe. Like every other Tayama product, this electric grill comes along with a one-year warranty too.

  • Product Dimensions and Weight

The Tayama Electric Grill is a product that is very simple; it does not have any additional bells and whistles attached to it to complicate it. Overall, it measures 20 by 10 by 4 inches and weighs just about six pounds.


  • Simple and clean design
  • Fits perfectly on most kitchen countertops
  • Very light in weight
  • Has a very large grilling surface area
  • Easy temperature control
  • Backed by a high-powered motor
  • Comes with quite a few safety features
  • Easily detachable


  • Comes with no lid
  • Only the drip tray is dishwasher safe
  • The non-stick coating peels off over time
  • The light indicator sometimes may not work

You can check out more product details and the latest price here.

Summary of the Features

If you are in need of a simple and convenient indoor electric grill, then the Tayama TG-868 Electric Grill might very well be the perfect option for you. The ample grilling space ensures you can cook multiple things at the same time. The safety features ensure the there is no harm from the grill ever, and since the machine is powered by a 1120W motor, it ensures that all of your food is cooked well and evenly. This grill is the perfect choice if you are looking for something easy to use.

The Tayama TG-868 Electric Grill vs. A Similar Product

We compared the Tayama TG-868 Electric Grill to the Presto 09020 Cool Touch Electric Indoor Grill. On the surface, these two electric grills almost look identical. They both have a similar design, with a temperature knob on the side and completely black color. However, there is a certain aspect that sets them apart and makes the Tayama Grill a better choice.

To begin with, the Tayama grill is slightly larger than its counterpart. Having said that, the two grills have almost similar sized grilling surface. This is essential if you need to cook multiple things at the same time.

Even though the Presto 09020 Cool Touch Electric Indoor Grill is smaller in size, the downside to it is that it is about twice the weight of the Tayama grill, making it slightly difficult to carry around. Lastly, the construction and build of the Tayama grill is definitely better than its counterpart and will also last much longer, making it a better product to spend your money on.

The Verdict

The Tayama TG-868 Electric Grill is a product that you must have in your kitchen for easy and quick grilling of food. It is perfectly sized so it won’t take up too much space on your kitchen countertop. Additionally, it runs on a reliable motor that is powerful enough to cook the food well and evenly. We are certain that this is a purchase that you will never regret and will last you for a while. More product details and the latest price can be found here.

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