Philips Indoor Electric Grill Review

Philips Indoor Electric Grill Review: Your Guide to Next Level Grilling

Grilling or cooking indoors is easy and fast. These are two benefits that are on the top of the list when it comes to indoor grilling. If you want to make a grilled meal with less time and effort spent, then it is not ideal to do a fire pit or an outdoor grill for creating nice hot embers while lighting wood or charcoal will take a lot of time and space.

On the other hand, an indoor electric grill does not require too much preparation, and you can get the grill hot and ready to cook in no time! The preparation is also not messy, and so is the cleanup. There will be no need to haul wood or charcoal, shovel ashes, or stain your hands with ash and soot. You only need an outlet where you can plug the equipment, and you are already good to go. You can even wash it like any other kitchen utensil.

What’s more appealing is the fact that you can stay indoors. Whether the sun is up or it is raining, there is no stopping you from eating that beautifully grilled cheeseburger. These electric grills also come with adjustable heat controls so that you can easily manage the temperature depending on the food you are grilling, which seems to be easier to control compared to the fire of an outdoor charcoal grill.

With that said, we are to discuss the features and benefits of the Philips Indoor Electric Grill, one of the best products in its category. Let’s see what this indoor grill can offer. You can check out more product details and the latest price here.


  • This indoor grill uses an advanced infrared heat technology which allows up to 80% less smoke.
  • It has special reflectors which act as heat guides.
  • This product heats up to a consistent temperature of 446 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It heats up in six minutes, which means you get to cut your usual cooking time.
  • This electric grill has a non-stick aluminum grid for easy cleanups.
  • It measures 7.5 x 21.9 x 16.9 inches and weighs 13.6 pounds.


  • Indoor smokeless grill
  • Has an advanced patented design which results to minimal side splattering
  • Evenly grills all sides of the meat
  • Has detachable parts which are easy to clean and are dishwasher-safe
  • Excess fat gets collected on the grease tray
  • Uses constant heat, so it does not burn your meat
  • Special reflectors give you a heat guide
  • Grease tray remains cool and minimizes grease and unpleasant smoke

Minor Drawbacks

  • Has a pre-set heat which is consistent all throughout and is not adjustable
  • Power button is made of plastic
  • May not allow you to have a variety of grilling options since it only uses the same heat temperature

Summary of Features

This indoor electric grill works using an advanced infrared technology which controls the heat and allows you to perfectly cook your food while reducing the amount of oil splatter and smoke that are usually produced while burning fat. It has a non-stick grid made of aluminum which makes sure that all sides of your food are grilled evenly. It also uses a consistent heat temperature of 446 degrees Fahrenheit which prevents you from burning your food.

It comes with a grease tray which collects any excess fat while grilling, allowing you to lessen the mess during the process of grilling, so cleanup is less too. It is easy to set up, and you can start grilling in no time. It also uses special reflectors which act as heat guides ensuring that your food is being cooked and heated evenly while leaving the inside tender and juicy. The dip tray underneath also remains cool, so there is less to no smoke.

Comparison to Another Product

One famous competitor of the Philips Indoor Electric Grill is the Tenergy Redigrill Smokeless Indoor Grill. This product also uses the advanced infrared heat technology which creates 80% less smoke. The infrared heat only targets the grill’s surface, and it comes with a cooling tray that catches the oil and grease before they become smoke. It heats up fast so you can start grilling with less preparation required.

It is easy to set up since it only has two parts, which is also a good thing as will only require less cleanup too. Not to mention, it is dishwasher-safe. It also uses a consistent heat temperature of 446 degrees Fahrenheit which ensures that your food gets cooks evenly without the possibility of burning. You can use this grill to cook meat, poultry, fish, and even vegetables. It has built-in protection for overheating, and it automatically shuts off when the temperature gets high.

The Final Verdict

After a detailed review about the features, highlights, and minor drawbacks of the Philips Indoor Electric Grill and its comparison to another product popular on the market today, can we now say that it is worth a try?

Well, we can say that the Philips Indoor Electric Grill offers a whole new level of smokeless grilling due to the advanced infrared heating technology that it uses. While the Tenergy Redigrill Smokeless Indoor Grill also uses the same technology, the Philips Indoor Electric Grill uses a non-stick grid and surface made up of aluminum which offers more durability. It also has special reflectors which allow you to monitor the heat while grilling easily.

The Tenergy Redigrill Smokeless Indoor Grill offers almost the same features that the Philips Indoor Electric Grill has, but it can be purchased in a much lesser cost. So, if you are with a strict budget, then it will not hurt to try the cheaper grill especially if you are just starting or if you will not use the grill as often.

Overall, we can say that both of them can give you a whole new grilling experience. There are only a few differences in terms of the material, the size, and the weight that you can take into consideration. However, your budget can be the deciding factor since the other one costs relatively lower than the other. Just make sure to spend all the time that you need when comparing so that you can end up with the product that will suit your needs. More product details and the latest price can be found here.

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