How Long to Cook Chicken on Electric Grill

On Chickens and Electric Grills: How Long to Cook Chicken on Electric Grill?

Many people have experienced the convenience of electric grills. They are able to grill meat and other food items without spending too much effort and time. (If you want to accurately monitor your electric grill’s real time power consumption, you should check this power meter out. It’s small, and can be plugged in to use right away.)

Since these grills use electricity as the fuel source, which creates a surface that is hot enough to cook your food, they do not emit smoke that might invade the entire house. They are smokeless, so they can be used indoors.

Electric grills prevent mess because they usually come with a removable drip tray that catches the juices and grease from the meat being grilled. Some electric grills have adjustable temperature controls, while others have fixed temperatures.

Different meat items such as bacon, steaks, fish, and chicken can be grilled using an electric grill. But how do you grill a specific meat?  At what temperature does a chicken need to be evenly grilled?

The meat of a chicken is very healthy. It can be cooked different ways such as baking, broiling, grilling, frying, and more.

It is healthy to grill chicken because it only uses the chicken meat’s natural oil. But when it comes to grilling chicken using an electric grill, do you know how does it works?

Here are important things you should know when cooking chicken on an electric grill. To cook chicken on electric grills, here are some facts you need to know.

Cooking chicken using a contact-model electric grill

If you use the contact model, chicken is cooked in shorter amount of time because the meat comes in direct contact with the grill plate. However, the contact model can only grill thin slices of chicken; thick slices might leave the center of the meat raw.

So how long to cook chicken on electric grill? Cooking boneless chicken on a direct-contact grill usually takes about 10 to 12 minutes at 400° F, and 15-18 minutes for chickens with bones at the same temperature.

For electric grills with controllable temperature, turn it on at 350°, which is the recommended standard temperature for cooking chicken meat.

If you are grilling a thick slice of chicken, such as the breast, check the thickest part. Does it have blood inside? Does fluid come out when you press it?

If you see blood, you need to cook it longer. If the fluid runs clear, or there’s no juice, it means that it is ready to be served.

Cooking chicken using an open-model electric grill

Open-model electric grills are designed similar to traditional charcoal grills. The difference is that open-model electric grills uses electricity, which heats up the heating coils to cook the food.

So how do you cook chicken using this kind of electric grill? The cooking time is almost the same as a charcoal grills.

Cooking boneless chicken on open model electric grills usually takes approximately 8 to 10 minutes on each side at 350°- 400° F. For chicken with bones, it usually takes 12 to 15 minutes per side.

Chicken cooking guide

Be precise when it comes to the length of time it takes for your type of electric grill you to cook chicken. While you don’t want to have raw or burned chicken, you will want it cooked thoroughly enough to ensure that harmful bacteria are killed.

If you want your grilled chicken to be tastier, marinate it with spices and seasonings. Leave it overnight or hours before you grill it. It is a perfect way to grill chicken indoors or outdoors, no matter what kind of barbecue grill you use.

To prevent chicken from sticking to the grilling pan or plate, place the chicken skin side down on the grilling plate. This is to extract the chicken’s natural oils. This way, you will prevent the meat from sticking to the pan or plate.

You may also want to add wood chips if your electric grill has the room for them. Adding wood chips to an electric grill can will add aroma and flavor to your chicken. They come in different varieties such as hickory, cherry, cedar, maple, cherry, and more.

Each kind gives the meat a unique flavor and aroma. Learn more about each kind of wood chip to identify what kind of aroma and flavor you want to add to the meat and vegetables.

Happy grilling!

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