MasterBuilt 20150414R Electric Veranda Grill Review

MasterBuilt 20150414R Electric Veranda Grill Review

Nowadays, grilling isn’t only done outdoors. It’s amazing, but you can now grill inside your home. How? You might worry that smoke might accumulate inside your home with toxic fumes, and make your furniture smell like smoke. No problem: An electric grill will do the job without smelling up the entire house.

Electric grills use electricity as the fuel source; hence, you will not be using fire or creating smoke or fumes. You don’t have to ignite charcoal and maintain its blaze to cook your food. Electricity passes through the coils and creates heat. The resistance causes the coils to get hot enough for the meat and other food items to be grilled.

Electric grills have surfaces similar to traditional grills. They come with drip trays placed at the bottom to catch juices or grease, and prevent mess. Other features that may come with electric grills are adjustable temperature controls, a timer, and an easy start. You should also look at the manufacturer and price; you don’t have to spend a lot to buy a high-quality, long lasting electric grill.

Choose an electric grill that suits your lifestyle and personal preference. How many people are you going to feed? Do you want an electric grill with lid? What size grill do you want? To help you identify your needs and preferences, here is an example of one of the best-selling electric grills—the Masterbuilt 20150414R Electric Veranda Grill.


As the name implies, the Masterbuilt 20150414R Electric Veranda Grill is portable and small enough to be used on verandas, in kitchens, and other small spaces. There is 196 square inches of cooking space, so it is great for use in condominiums, apartments, or lake houses.

The Masterbuilt 20150414R Electric Veranda Grill is very small and built with a 1650-watt heating element that can be controlled according to the type of food being cooked. You can modify the temperature through the stainless steel temperature gauge. Temperature settings are low, medium, high, and warm.

Unlike other appliances, the Masterbuilt 20150414R Electric Veranda Grill is easy to assemble and easy to use. It comes with a detachable drip pan to clean it conveniently, and a grill cover to aid in fast, even cooking. You can also use the grill pan for cooking vegetables, while cooking the meat on the grill.

Masterbuilt 20150414R Electric Veranda Grill also comes with a detachable reflector plate that helps dispense the heat in a uniform manner so it evenly cooks the food. Since it is removable, you can easily clean it.

For people with limited space, the Masterbuilt 20150414R Electric Veranda Grill is a perfect home appliance. It saves space and can be placed inside the kitchen or at the verandas. What the users say about this electric grill? You can check out more product details and the latest price here.

Here are the pros and cons of Masterbuilt 20150414R Electric Veranda Grill according to user feedback.


  • Very compact
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to use
  • Prevents mess and easy to clean
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Gets very hot
  • Heat up quickly
  • Economical; saves electricity
  • With grill cover
  • Evenly distributes heat


  • Flimsy grate
  • Not for big barbecues
  • Small capacity
  • Low quality temperature gauge


Not all electric grills are adequate; some do not heat up enough so it takes longer to cook the food. Others are expensive. There are others that do not last for long and even more that are not lightweight nor small enough for indoor use. However, the Masterbuilt 20150414R Electric Veranda Grill is very compact and heats up quickly.

The Masterbuilt 20150414R Electric Veranda Grill gets very hot, but the temperature can be controlled via the temperature gauge. You can adjust the temperature to low, medium, high, and warm settings. However, one user says that the temperature control is a little bit flimsy. You might need extra careful when adjusting it to avoid it being damaged.

This is a very compact grill that can only accommodate 1-2 pieces of meat plus a few vegetables. Therefore, it is not recommended if you regularly grill a lot for many people, or you will spend more time cooking; it is recommended for grilling food for 1-2 persons to instantly resolve barbecue cravings.

The Masterbuilt 20150414R Electric Veranda Grill is not that budget friendly. But looking at its features and pros, this electric grill is worth the price. Try it for freshly grilled barbecue anytime you want, and take your barbecuing to the next level. More product details and the latest price can be found here.

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