Is an Electric Grill Worth It? 

Is an Electric Grill Worth It? 

What’s there not to love about grilling food? After all, grilled food is flavorful and easy to do. In fact, one can grill various kind of food such as burgers, meat, and even vegetables. Gratefully, there are plenty of grillers on the market, and they come in different types such as charcoal, electric and gas-powered. Among the most favored kinds of grill is the electric one.

However, those who are in the process of buying a grill often ask, “Is an electric grill worth it?From my personal experience, yes, an electric grill is definitely worth it. An electric grill would usually cost less than a charcoal and a gas grill in the long run, since it doesn’t required you to buy new charcoals or gas tanks each time. An electric grill is also relatively safer to be used indoor compare other types of grills, which is a great option for apartment residents.

The Different Kinds of Grill

Before we discuss the merits of an electric grill, let us first take a look at the other grills.

  • Charcoal Grill

Charcoal grills are a favorite of many since it is easy to use and gives the food some rich and smoky flavor that the charcoal provides.

Most charcoal grills are designed similarly as they mostly resemble a wood-burning stove. There is a space for the air intake that is found at the bottom of the rack, which can be adjusted manually. The air passes the grill including the already lit charcoal and leaves through the grill’s vent located at the top. The grill becomes hotter when more air enters the grill.

Using a charcoal grill has its benefits. For one, the temperature almost remains constant during the entire grilling process as long as there is sufficient charcoal. Experts often recommend using this type of grill for cooking large cuts of meat as the charcoal helps the flesh to become tender with so much flavor.

  • Charcoal Kettle Grill

The charcoal kettle grill is a variation of the usual charcoal grill except they are shaped like a kettle. It also has a removable lid that is tight and has grill grates and a stand.

The charcoal is still located at the bottom but is elevated on a small grate. It was designed this way so that the ash and other debris will fall away without obstruction from the heat source. This type of kettle grill is often constructed using metal. It is mostly lightweight and is available in varying sizes. They are portable and preferred by those who would like to use less charcoal in grilling.

  • Pellet Grill

Pellet grills have been around for at least three decades now and are also a popular choice because it is convenient to use and can give food a rich flavor. Many people choose this kind of grill because it acts both as a grill and a smoker.

This device uses wood pellets that are food-grade. These wood pellets, which resemble the shape of a black-eyed pea are placed into the grill’s hopper. The pellet grill allows users to set the temperature as it has a thermostat. It runs on automatic settings and thus must be connected to the power source at all times.

This grill is often recommended for food that requires longer cooking time such as ribs, large roasts, and brisket since it cooks the meat without the need for constant monitoring. However, some cooks dislike the use of this grill as it has difficulty browning or searing meats, unlike other grills.

  • Gas or Propane Grill

One of the most popular grills on the market is the gas or propane-powered one. They usually have burners that emit roughly 40,000 BTUs of heat. Many people choose this grill because it is convenient to use and does not require a lot of time to pre-heat. However, this kind of grill does little to add more flavor to the food.

Now that you have a better idea of what the other kinds of grill can offer let’s take a closer look at today’s convenient choice of grill; the Electric Grill.

Is an Electric Grill Worth It?

The design of electric grills is straightforward. Think of an enclosed metal heating place with a surface that has ridges when you try to visualize an electric grill. The ridges aid in stimulating the grill regardless of the food that is being cooked.

The metal plate comes with a lid where users have the option to cover the plate when cooking. The electric grill, many experts say, is excellent for cooking because it can evenly distribute the heat.


When compared to other grills particularly the gas ones, the electric grill is the more economical choice. After all, gas-fired ones will need constant changing of the tank and if one does grilling frequently, then buying gas tanks will become quite costly.

Cooking with an electric grill is cheap when you think of the savings from buying gas tanks.

Zero Fumes

Fumes from cooking are not good for the health. The cook will be exposed to fumes when using charcoal or a propane grill. Luckily, the same cannot be said about electric grills as it will heat up the plate without the fumes.

Keep in mind that fumes are more dangerous when one is in an enclosed space. This is why many people who need to grill inside their homes prefer using the electric ones.

Following Rules

Many apartments or flats prohibit the use of grills, particularly gas-fired ones as they can be the cause of a fire or excessive smoke in the residential area. Luckily, many residential places do not ban the use of electric grills because they do not emit fumes and are no fire hazard, unlike charcoal and gas grills. Plus, electric grills do not have flammable tanks or materials. This makes this kind of grill safe even for families with small kids who are often curious.


Convenience is one of the reasons why people choose to purchase the electric grill. Most kinds of this grill in the market are compact and portable and would eat little space in the kitchen or on the balcony. Other grills often come in large sizes and would need some space.

Cleaning is another factor to consider when buying a grill. Charcoal or even gas-powered ones require some time for cleaning as well as strong cleaning agents. On the other hand, most of the electric grill’s cooking surface can be washed in the dishwasher.

So, Is an electric grill worth it? Yes, if one thinks about the benefits that this grill has to offer.

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