How to Use An Electric Smoker Grill

How to Use An Electric Smoker Grill? Satisfying Barbeque Cravings

Traditional barbecue grills can make good barbecues, but home appliance manufacturers have come up with a brighter idea to grill meats easier and tastier. An electric smoker grill saves you from having to constantly check the temperature, move coals, add wood, and wait for hours to grill steaks, chops, turkey, and other meat items. How do you use an electric smoker grill?

To guide you in how to use an electric smoker grill, first, identify the specific type of electric grill you have.

  • The vertical water electric smoker is low-cost smoker grill that is best used during the summer but not during the cold season because it does not sustain its central temperature. Consider buying the vertical water electric smoker if you plan to grill on warm days
  • The electric cabinet smoker, designed like a personal refrigerator, comes with an adjustable temperature. It allows you to set the temperature needed to grill the specific food item.

Whether it’s a vertical electric smoker or an electric cabinet smoker, it is important to understand how to use it to grill meat. This article shows you how to use an electric smoker grill and maximize its use.

How do you use an electric smoker grill? Step by step

Basically, reading the manual will give you a lot of information about the specific kind of electric smoker grill you bought. Information such as the parts, functions, operating directions, etc., should come with the electric smoker grill package.

The manual usually comes with the manufacturer’s procedures on how to cure the newly purchased electric smoker grill.

Curing or seasoning the new appliance helps eliminate odor, dust, and other unnecessary items inside the grill. How do you cure an electric smoker grill?

  • Apply oil to the insides of the electric smoker grill
  • Run the grill for 2 hours so that it gets hot enough
  • After 2 hours, open the grill and let it stand idle until it cools off

Before putting the meat into the grill, season it first because you do not want to come up with bland meat.

You may rub the meat with salt, herbs, and spices, or marinate it with an acidic solution for few minutes. Let the seasoned meat remain at room temperature overnight.

Prepare the wood chips for the electric smoker grill. Wood chips can be bought from hardware or grocery stores.

For added flavor and aroma, you may enhance the wood chips with plum, cedar, hickory chips or maple. As a basic guide, use 4 cups of wood chips for every 3-5 hours of grilling time.

  • Switch on the electric smoker grill
  • If the grill has temperature control, check it if it is enough for the food item you want to cook
  • Cooking time is usually 3 to 8 hours. Once the meat is cooked, put it on the rack to examine if it is done

The best electric barbecue grills

Electric barbecue grills, also called electric smoker grills or electric grills, come in different models and styles; they vary in size, weight, price, and design.

With so many kinds and models of electric barbecue grills available, identifying the best one is difficult. Plus, there is no single answer for the best electric grill.

The best electric grill depends on your purpose and personal preference. You might only need a very small electric grill just for you and your small family. You might want a bigger one for parties or business.

If you live in an apartment and want to grill indoor, or if you just like to grill indoor in general, check out this brand. Also another one of my favorite brand can be found here.


Electric smoker grills provide a much easier way to grill meat. With electric smoker grills, you don’t have to light the charcoal, moving it, regularly check on the meat, etc.

With a good brand and the right kind of smoker grill, you can indulge in sumptuous cuts of meat that you can enjoy with the whole family and friends.

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