Do Electric Grills Work

Do Electric Grills Work? Are They Better Than Gas or Charcoal Grill?

It is a well-known fact that a barbecue makes a picnics or summer party complete. They produce sumptuous, finger-licking foods that everybody loves.

You can throw a steak on a grill and get a charcoal-flavored piece of meat, but where’s the art in that?

Slow cooking or smoking are other alternatives, but these methods can be time consuming and labor intensive.

You need to marinate the meat, but what makes it more difficult is the preparation of charcoal and cooking the meat slowly over low, indirect heat.

However, today there are electric grills to make the process easier. But do these electric grills work? (If you want to accurately monitor your electric grill’s real time power consumption, you should check this power meter out. It’s small, and can be plugged in to use right away.)

An electric grill is a device that cooks meat, veggies, and other choices of food in a large enfolded metal heating plate.

This plate resembles the traditional grill and it is powered by electricity, which is the primary source of heat, that evenly cooks the food. The temperature of an electric grill can extend up to over 500° C, or 900° F.

How do electric grills work?

The idea of cooking food with electricity is no longer new, but many people still don’t understand how it works. Electric grills are becoming popular alternative to charcoal or gas grills.

Why not? Electric grills are compact, portable enough to be placed inside the kitchen on top of the table or countertop. They can be used either indoors or outdoors.

Electric grills are usually made with nichrome that is responsible for cooking the food in a uniform manner. Nichrome has a relatively high resistance so it gets hot and glows.

Because the main source of heat is electricity, electric grills do not produce smoke or flame. The temperature varies and can be controlled, but can be up to over 500°C.

Are electric grills safe?

Since electric grills are powered by electricity and used indoors, the main concern is the safety. Are they safe? Wouldn’t they cause a fire? The technical features of electric grills are safe and minimize hazards.

The heating plate does not come in contact with the grill surface. The heat is enclosed in a strong metal or plastic. And, the entire electric grill is constructed with legs or a stand that keeps it off the ground.

Important things to observe when using electric grill

Even though electric grills are made with safety features that reduce the potential for accidents, it is important to observe common sense when using them. Do your share to minimize hazards when cooking with an electric grill.

  • Do not put any paper or flammable material near the heat. It may cause fire or explosion
  • Always be careful when putting or getting food from the grill or else your hand might get burned
  • Electric grills might have power source requirement that is different from your power outlet. Know the voltage requirements to prevent power shortage or damage


  • An electric grill is a very convenient and portable grilling alternative
  • They are recommended for people living in apartments or condominiums because charcoal grilling might be prohibited due to smoke emissions and the threat of fire
  • Electric grills do not produce smoke or flame so they are not messy or cause undesirable odor indoors


  • It takes some time to heat the plate
  • Also, it takes some time too for the food to cook
  • The flavor of the food cooked in an electric grill is not as authentic barbecue tasting as the food cooked on charcoal grills

It is important to take into consideration these pros and cons. But as much as you think about these, it is worth noting that choosing the best brand of electric grill will make a difference too.

There are many electric grills in stores now, but are all of them safe and convenient? How do you choose the best electric grill?

Electric grill buying guide

  • The electric grill should be easy to start. It should be as easy as throwing the switch up and waiting for the temperature to rise
  • There are good electric grills that cost $200 or below; they do not have to be expensive to be an exceptionally good product
  • You should be able to control the temperature. Electric grills usually do not heat up that much
  • Some electric grills come with a timer, which is handy and practical for cooking food


Electric grills are an up-and-coming cooking device that are a good alternative to charcoal or gas grills. Do electric grills work? Of course they do, especially when they are made with safe technical features.

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