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Barbecue food is one of the most enjoyable foods for a vast number of people. People take huge pleasure in eating grilled steaks, bratwursts, and hamburgers. Grilling and barbecuing food has been a tradition for generations, which is part of the reason why so many people love it. However, with modern lifestyles and city apartments that are confined to several rules and laws, many have a difficult time enjoying their own BBQ and grilled food. 

Fortunately, companies like Philips are innovating and have come up with an easy and efficient solution to people’s BBQ needs. By launching Philips Smoke-less Indoor BBQ Grill, Avance, the company has provided an option for the people to enjoy cooking BBQ grilled food from inside their apartments. 

This article will share insights on this new smokeless BBQ grill by discussing its features, performance, and other important aspects. 

Features of the Philips BBQ Infrared Grill


Some of the features of this advanced grill are listed down below:

Advanced Infrared Technology

Unlike other grills, this Philips-made grill has infrared technology with special reflectors that guide the heating function of the device. The equipment inside this grill heats up to an internal temperature of 446°F and helps in cooking delicious food for you. So, there is practically no need to select and change different temperatures. All you need to do is place your food inside the grill and wait for it to be ready. 

Stylistic Design

A first look at this grill and you will fall in love with its design. It is a compact black colored beautiful box with grills on the top. Also, Philips has delivered the best quality in its finishing, and every BBQ grill provides a luxurious feel to your kitchen. 

If we talk about the design, the device only contains three basic buttons: On, Off, and Warm. It may be a little odd for some people, but this is what sets it apart from other grills. It doesn’t require any complicated settings, and everybody can use this device with ease. 

Smoke-Free Grilling

The Philips Best Infrared Grill: Top pick of the year is not entirely smokefree, but it does produce way less low smoke than a charcoal grill. The smoke factor remains approximately twenty percent of what your other grills will produce when used. 

Maximum smoke is generated from a grill when the heat acts upon the juices of the food item. So in this grill, they have achieved less smoke by guiding the juices more efficiently from the grill to the collection plate. 

Non-Sticking Aluminum Grill

The device has high-quality nonstick aluminum grills with wide grates that provide a great grilling experience. Also, the wide grates make it easier to clean the BBQ grill once the cooking is done. All the grease and excess oil fall into the drip tray underneath the device, leaving you with the grates that can be simply wiped with a cloth. 

Performance of the Philips Best Infrared Grill: Top Pick 2020

This BBQ grill has undoubtedly shown the best performance parameters so far. This is a prime reason why it is becoming a popular choice in every household.

The most impressive parameter of this device is its speed. In a matter of just six minutes, it reaches a high temperature of 446°F. This means there isn’t a need to wait for a long time for your food to get ready, as you can grill your food in almost five minutes. 

The electric grill of the device works at a voltage of 120V and separates the grease and the fat at the time of grilling for a better cooking experience. The heat deflectors placed inside the BBQ grill maximizes the heat coming from the infrared element to make the heat process faster. The contours in the exterior of the device work reasonably well to reduce the spatter on the kitchen counter.

The BBQ grill has a wide area of 112 square inches, which allows you to place multiple items inside the grill at once. The cleaning process of the grill is simple, and if you are grilling items such as hotdogs or a cut of beef, then they can be easily cleaned with a simple wipe. 

However, if you are grilling something juicy that contains excessive marinade, then you cannot clean it right after the grilling process. You may have to wait for a couple of minutes until it cools down. 

Overall, the Philips Infrared Grill gives a wonderful performance and will not disappoint. 

Pros and Cons of the BBQ Grill

The Philips BBQ grill has the following pros and cons:

The infrared option gives you the freedom to cook food indoors.
It takes minimal time to grill the food.
The design is modern and stylistic. 
This Philips BBQ Grill is lightweight and portable. 
The electric grill comes at an affordable price. 
The compact design leaves no room for conducting new experiments. 
In some instances, it becomes relatively hard to clean.
The BBQ grill is not 100% smoke free and does exhaust some smoke. 

FAQs About the Philips Smoke-less BBQ Grill

Here are some frequently asked questions about this infrared BBQ Grill:

  1. What are the exact dimensions of this grill?

The measurements of this device are 21.85 × 7.48 × 16.93 inches.

  1. Can we adjust or control the temperature of the grill?

No, it has a company fixed standard temperature of a 446°F that is tested and approved by their laboratories for efficient cooking. 

  1. Can we grill a chicken with a bone in it?

Yes, it works perfectly fine with all kinds of foods, provided they have the right size to fit inside the grill.

  1. How many grills are included in the pack? 

The company provides you one large and another small grill for different kinds of foods. 

Wrapping Up

If you are fond of BBQ and grilled food items and are looking for a portable device for you, then this Philips Indoor BBQ Grill is the perfect choice. It can grill almost any variety of food item, from hamburgers and steaks. 

The only thing you need to remember is that it is not a hundred percent smoke-free, so you have to consider a little ventilation space for it to work efficiently. Other than that, it will provide the best food grilling experience of your life. Good luck! 

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